Comfortable Wisdom Tooth ​Removal Using Advanced Methods

Wisdom Teeth FAQs

Wisdom teeth can cause significant problems with oral health, even when they appear to emerge without problems. H and M Family Dentistry helps patients in Aurora, CO, avoid those problems and maintain better oral health with wisdom tooth removal techniques using the most advanced methods for greater comfort and optimal results.

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt from the gums, and by the time they emerge, there’s little room left for them. As a result, they may come in sideways or become stuck (impacted) under other teeth. For these teeth, the decision is obvious: They must be extracted to prevent pain and damage to other teeth. But even when wisdom teeth come in straight, their location in the back of the mouth makes them difficult to clean and care for. This means they’re far more likely to become decayed or infected and cause considerable pain. Plus, they can provide a reservoir for the germs that cause decay and infection in other teeth. For these reasons, having wisdom teeth extracted is a good way to proactively prevent decay and disease and enjoy better overall oral health and wellness.

How are wisdom teeth pulled?

That depends in part on the health of the tooth and whether it’s impacted or coming in at an angle. Because of their long roots and their location in the jaw, wisdom teeth must be removed using oral surgery techniques, making incisions into the surrounding gum tissue and sometimes removing a portion of the overlying bone to make it easier to remove the entire tooth structure. Special instruments are used to elevate the tooth and remove it from the socket before the incisions are carefully sutured shut. The procedure is performed under sedation to allow the patient to remain comfortable and doze throughout the procedure. Multiple wisdom teeth usually can be removed during one procedure.

How will I feel after the extraction?

Pain can be managed with medication and cool compresses can help relieve any swelling in the area. Before leaving the office, complete care instructions will be provided to help the area heal properly, and patients will also be told about any dietary restrictions, including avoiding very hot foods or crunchy foods during the initial stages of healing.

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