Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Tips To Ease Dental Fear

Dental fear is a common phenomenon that affects people of all ages. Dental phobia is a fear of dental procedures and is often associated with bad experiences in the past. Dental phobia makes patients avoid visiting a dentist and ignore their dental problems. 

Discuss your dental fears with your dentist

When it comes to visiting a dentist, many people share similar fears and apprehensions. However, it is important to keep in mind that dentists go through years of rigorous training and education to be well-equipped to address every need of their patients. They completely understand that patients might feel anxious and nervous at the thought of having their teeth examined or treated. That is why they make every effort to provide a comfortable setting for the treatment and create an atmosphere that is conducive to positive experiences.

It is best to discuss all your concerns and worries with the dentist before any treatment begins. This way, your doctor will be able to address any issues and help you come up with a treatment plan that keeps you comfortable throughout the course of the procedure. Furthermore, if there are certain things that you consider as triggers for anxiety, such as the sound of the drill, you can let the doctor know so that they can take steps to eliminate these from your mouth! 

Agree on a signal with your dentist

If you fear the sounds and sights of a dental office and have a hard time sitting comfortably through appointments, discuss ways and agree on a signal with your dental staff. For example, you may raise your hand as a signal to stop the procedure when you need a break.

Take a companion with you for support

Having someone by your side can make you feel less stressed and more relaxed during your treatment. They can help you remember your instructions to the dentist and help you remain calm and relaxed. A trusted friend or family member can also help you remember important information that the dentist gives you. They can also hold your hand and give you moral support if you need it.

Another reason to have a friend or relative join you for your appointments is that they are a great source of support and can remind you not to stress out too much. They can remind you of the importance of taking care of your teeth and why your dentist appointments are so important.

You can discuss with your dentist ahead of time if your friend or loved one is welcome in the room while you are receiving treatment. This way, they will be familiar with who is in your space and will be prepared in case they need to give you important instructions or help you calm down.

Bring a distraction to occupy your mind during procedures

Distractions can help you occupy your mind and keep worries at bay during the procedure. You could bring a book to read, listen to music or watch a movie on your mobile phone. The less you focus on your fear, the less it will upset you.

You can also ask your dentist if you can listen to music through their headphones to block out noises from equipment. That way, you won’t be so distracted by the sounds around you.

Consider sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is the use of sedatives to help you feel relaxed during dental treatment. It involves the use of nitrous oxide or oral medication to help patients relax during dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, and implants. Some cases may require regional anesthesia, which numbs a certain part of the body for the duration of the treatment. It can also be used in conjunction with local anesthesia to relieve pain and inflammation. 

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