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Teeth can look stained and dull for different reasons, and most of those problems can be eliminated with ZOOM! professional teeth whitening. H&M Family Dentistry offers the ZOOM! system for patients in Aurora, CO, helping them enjoy dramatically whiter, brighter teeth in just one hour.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Dr. Sui and Dr. Gao use Zoom whitening system to brighten her patients’ smiles. She specifically selected ZOOM! because the results are more impressive than other whitening solutions. One in-office treatment takes about 90 minutes and patients can walk away several shades lighter - feeling more confident in their new smile. Treatments are affordable and whitening can be refreshed annually or semiannually to keep up brightness depending on each patient’s needs. Dr. Sui and Dr. Gao also offer a take-home kit at a reduced price that patients can use on their own time, however, the in-office product is more immediately effective and maximizes whiteness.

Why do teeth turn yellow or dingy-looking?

Lots of factors can contribute to dull, dingy or stained teeth, including foods and beverages like coffee, red wine, tea and dark-colored berries, as well as tobacco use. Very acidic foods and drinks can temporarily soften tooth enamel so it’s easier for stains to penetrate. Poor tooth brushing habits can also contribute to staining and discoloration. These stains penetrate the outer layers of the teeth and can be corrected with professional teeth whitening treatments. Discoloration in the interior of the tooth due to disease, infection, trauma, long-term use of certain medications or even a root canal procedure require other approaches like crowns or veneers.

What happens during ZOOM teeth whitening?

In most cases, whitening treatments are performed right after a teeth cleaning to ensure maximum absorption of the whitening gel. A mouthguard is used to hold the lips back from the teeth so the gel is not wiped or washed away during treatment. Once the gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth, a special light will be used to activate the gel so it penetrates as deeply as possible. ZOOM teeth whitening treatments take about 90 minutes to complete. At the end of the treatment, the gel will be wiped away and patients can resume their normal activities.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth or gums sensitive?

Some patients, including those who already have sensitive teeth, may have some minor sensitivity issues during whitening treatments, but these will resolve soon after treatment is complete. In-office whitening treatments can reduce sensitivity issues by careful application of the gel directly to the tooth surface combined with use of the guard to prevent the gel from being spread onto the surrounding gum tissue.

Is professional teeth whitening better than using at-home teeth bleaching products?

Yes. Professional teeth whitening treatments like ZOOM use stronger whitening agents and special techniques designed to provide a more consistent, more dramatic and more customized result that lasts longer and takes far less time compared to products bought in a store. Plus, in-office treatments can be completed in one visit instead of spaced out over several weeks, which is especially good news for patients with sensitive teeth.

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